Dollar Slots vs Penny Slots – What Game Type is the Best One?

After reading a lot of articles about slot machines and spinning the reels of various types of slots – “one-armed bandits”, 5-reel options, progressives and others – you have probably become an expert in this type of gambling entertainment. From the number of paylines to volatility and RTP, there are many aspects and strategies that affect the bottom line. However, bet ranges are also very important when it comes to slot selection – and this is where dollar slots vs penny slots are at play. In this post, we will cover the important features of each of these types so that you can make the final decision on the best gaming options – penny slots or dollar slots – to play for real money.

Are Dollar Slots Winning Odds Better than Penny Slots?

Also known as high limit and low limit games, both slot types have good winning potential. Thinking about volatility, it should be said that the parameter affects the payout amount (as well as how often winning combinations land). However, the prize amount is calculated as the product of the stake and the payout multiplier. Thus, making bets of low size, you cannot count on really big wins. So, let’s look at some of the features of both types of slots in the “dollar slots vs penny slots” opposition:

  1. Penny slot gives you the opportunity to place a minimum bet of just one penny per payline. As far as dollar slots are concerned, you cannot bet less than $ 1.
  2. In dollar slots vs penny slots confrontation, the latter win if you want to play long sessions. Allowing you to make low bets, they give you more opportunities to enjoy the gameplay with minimal financial costs.
  3. Dollar slots have been designed so that you can place big bets looking for big cash prizes. They allow you to experience the thrill of the big risk. However, any gain can justify this risk.

So, in dollar slots vs penny slots confrontation when you are thinking ‘should I play one or the second type of slots’, you should take your budget into account first. However, there is one important aspect of winning odds that you should be aware of. Each dollar slot has an RTP higher than that of a penny slot. So, the high-limit options may be more profitable in the long run.

Penny Slots are Better than Dollar Slots?

If you are playing slots for entertainment purpose, then penny slots are the best choice as they will not hit your wallet. On the other hand, dollar slots may turn out to be more profitable in the long run – so the final choice is yours.

If ‘penny slots vs dollar slots’ seems like an insoluble dilemma to you, we recommend starting from the middle. There are slots that are in the middle in terms of adventure and risk as they accept average bets. Designed to serve a wide audience, these slots are available at most online casinos.

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